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What does "INS STAMP REQUIRED" mean on my registration renewal?


I can't believe that its been nearly two years since I packed up my family and moved across the border from NH into Massachusetts, but what this means is that I just got a nice little note from our handy dandy RMV reminding me that the 2 year registration period for both our cars is now coming due.

You should be getting your renewal application about 45 days prior to the expiration of your registration, which always happens on the last day of the month you first regesitered your car and got your plates.

Depending on your situation, it might require a little bit of leg work before you can actually renew your registration. What? You thought this was going to be easy? This is Massachusetts baby, nothing is easy.

ins stamp requiredMost likely, your registration renewal will have a little note in the lower right that says "INS STAMP REQUIRE", and you're probably asking yourself "What the heck does this mean?". As you know, you cannot legally register your car without proof of insurance (this is where that RMV-1 from your insurance provider comes from when you first move to the state or buy a new car), and the same holds true when its time to renew.

They're literally asking you to get a stamp from your insurance agent or company to prove that you are covered by insurance before you can mail back and show up in person to renew your registration.

So how does the masshole deal with this? This one is actually incredibly easy - just renew online.

The RMV has actually started charging people that show up to a branch to do activies that could have been handled by their call center or online, which means renewing online will save you a bit of money. By renewing online, you'll also be saving yourself some time. You'll actually be making the RMV do the leg work for you, and they'll use the fancy computer system to check to make sure you have valid insurance, and then send off your updated registration and new sticker for the rear license plate on your car.

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I, for one, can't register online....... 
The website says I am ineligible. I have to FedEx the stupid form to my insurance company with a check or money order, then they mail it out to the RMV and if nobody loses it along the way I might get my registration in the mail.....someday.....
Posted @ Thursday, August 22, 2013 3:10 PM by Sully
This is ridiculous! I have always renewed online...I have had the same registration and the same insurance company for insurance policy is paid in full at the time IT renews...and NOW I have to get a stamp from my insurance company?
Posted @ Thursday, September 26, 2013 7:15 PM by Don Sunnerberg
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