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What if I'm late on my Massachusetts vehicle inspection?


massachusetts inspection stickerOh boy, this one is tough. My one piece of advice on this? Don't be late with your vehicle inspection in Massachusetts.

Part of the burden of owning and operating a vehicle in Massachusetts is being compliant with all applicable laws at all times, so a lapse in insurance, registration, or inspection can turn a simple traffic stop into something much worse.

You can be pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker.

You can be ticketed for having an expired inspection sticker.

You may also be towed for having an expired inspection sticker.

You have until the last day of the month and year on your current sticker in the lower-right corner of your windshield to get inspected, the whole process shouldn't take more than 20 or 30 minutes, and it can be done anywhere that has a sign out front saying "Massachusetts State Inspection Station" or "State Inspections Here".

When you get your inspection sticker, its valid for 12 months from when it was issued. Let's say your current sticker is valid through June 30th, and you decide to get inspected on July 1st. The sticker that will be put on your car will expire on the last day of July next year - not the last day of June. Congrats, you just got a free month (at the chance of getting pulled over, ticketed, and towed until your vehicle is in compliance).

For some more info, check out the Massachusetts RMV Inspection FAQs page.

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Posted @ Friday, July 29, 2011 3:50 AM by adad
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